Course Description

Accelerate is the world's most accessible way to learn Data Science & Machine Learning with our deferred tuition track that aligns our success with yours, meaning you only pay tuition after you get hired.

After completing this bootcamp, you will be able to work with massive, complex datasets using Python, transform data matrices to tensors and apply deep learning techniques to solve real business problems. Students will understand both theory and practical application of convolutional and recurrent neural networks. The course will also cover deep reinforcement learning.

AI Is the Future

In this 12-week immersive bootcamp course, you will learn the building blocks and tools that will empower you to tackle machine learning projects. You will learn to use Python and TensorFlow to transform data matrices and perform data visualizations. You will develop the practical skills necessary to work in a job requiring the implementation of deep learning tools and techniques.

The classroom and learning environment is designed to be practical and allow students to quickly apply their new skills to real world problems and work with real datasets.

Learn It By Living It: 600+ hours 

The Accelerate Curriculum is designed to be approached by various experience levels, whether you are new to Data Science and Machine Learning or have some prior experience there is so much to learn. 

If you are accepted, we'll send you pre-course materials so you can prepare for your first week; this is where your journey begins.

From your first day of class onwards, you will learn and apply at the same time, with many lessons leading to a new project to upload to your portfolio.

Become Job Ready

The realm of Data Science and Machine Learning is very new, and until now there are very few ways to receive a full-spectrum skill set that will prepare you for a career in this field. Your 12 weeks at Accelerate will cover all relevant topics, tools and skills you will need in a practical learning environment, making you job-ready.

Full-Spectrum Curriculum

Unit 1: Business Intelligence Dashboard

• Basic Python Introduction
• Data Acquisition & Visualisation with Python
• Web Scraping with Python
• Python for Statistics
• Statistical Modelling with Python
• BI Dashboard Software

Unit 2: Predictive Machine Learning Projects

• Machine Learning with Python
• Classification for Marketing
• Introduction To SciPy
• Basic Computer Vision with Python
• Image Processing with Python
• Deep Learning with Tensorflow

Unit 3: Database, The Cloud And API Services

• Using Database with Python
• Azure Machine Learning Platform
• APIs for Cognitive Services & Open Data
• Building & Managing APIs
• Managing APIs
• Capstone Project Proposal

Unit 4: Capstone Project Preparation & Final Presentations

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Our Methodology

Accountability & Accessibility

Our "0 Tuition Until Your Hired" model ensures that we are as invested in your success as you are. It also means that our program is accessible for those who may not have the means to pay for further education.

Curated Curriculum

Our instructors have meticulously curated our curriculum to fit the needs of all types of learners while staying relevant to the most in-demand data science and machine learning skills of our day.


Learning in a practical environment  will help your transition to realtime work environments that our course prepares you for.


Keeping a focused mindset is much easier when you enter a classroom each day with like-minded individuals who want to enhance their skills, just like you.


It's always good to have an expert on standby. Our instructors are always nearby to make sure you understand everything you are doing.

Tuition Tracks

Deferred Tuition

15% of your first year's salary payable in instalments

For those who are:
• Based in Hong Kong
• Seeking a Data Science and Machine Learning Career

Fixed Tuition

For those who are:
• Students from abroad
• Entrepreneurs or Tech Hybrids

Meet Some of our Graduates

Student success stories before and after our immersive bootcamp

Morris Wong


Information Systems HKUST 2017 fresh graduate with a passion for AI


Robotics Engineer at

Taral Gurung


Forensic Accountant trainee with a passion for data applications


Data Analyst at

Kevin Cho


Investment banking associate with an entrepreneurial mindset


Software Engineer at

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A Quick Rundown

 This is for:

  • Anyone looking for a career in Data Science & Machine Learning and AI
  • Anyone looking to learn and experience Hong Kong
  • People who want to bring their data to life
  • Aspiring Data Scientists/AI Engineers
  • Startup Founders
  • Consultants
  • Anyone with a "growth mindset" for life

 What you will get:

  • 12 weeks, 5 days a week of class time
  • Interactive learning
  • Individual Projects
  • Group Projects
  • The start of your Data portfolio
  • Career coaching
  • Soft skills coaching
  • Networking events
  • New friends and world class mentors

 A realm of possibilities:

  • Skills for an awesome new career
  • New skills for your current career
  • Entrepreneurial inspiration
  • Intrapreneurial empowerment
  • Enhanced problem solving skills
  • For some, leverage for a salary boost
  • Learn how to learn
  • Cohort Start Date

    Campus Location

    Seats Filled

    Cohort Status

  • Mar 2018

    Naked Hub Sheung Wan

    In Progress

    June 2018 TBD

    Naked Hub Sheung Wan

    Apply Now

Our Campus

As of October 2017, we hold our full-time immersive bootcamp and part-time electives at naked Hub.
naked Hub, Asia's network of premium Co-working spaces, has launched in Hong Kong with two state-of-the-art Hubs in the vibrant neighborhoods of Sheung Wan and Sai Ying Pun. With Stunning and sustainable design and an emphasis on wellbeing, each naked Hub redefines what it means to work with flexible and on-demand access to premium amenities, services, and a community network.

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