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6 Weeks
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Looking to become a "modern" marketer and exponentially increase the performance of your online presence?

This course will explore the world of Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking, including:

  • Reverse engineering successful case studies
  • Expanding your arsenal of growth tools (SEO, SEM, EDM, Social Media, Analytics)
  • Attracting customers
  • Retaining customers
  • Enchanting your customers
  • Getting customers to tell their friends about you
  • Fine tuning your digital channels for peak performance
  • And so much more

Above all else, you’ll learn how you can apply all of this to your unique situation.

Who Should Join

  • Anyone looking to be digital marketing ready, the smart way.

Next Course Information

Starting Date: TBA (Q2 2018)

Price: EARLY BIRD HK$11,000

Regular: HK$12,500

*Promotion: Join with a friend and you will both receive an HK$1500 discount.

What is Digital Marketing?

There are 3,835,498,274 Internet Users in the world. 2.54 billion of which are active mobile-social users.

Do you have any idea how you are going to leverage these users for your company?

Digital Marketing is the art of crafting intricate sales and marketing funnels to make sure your products and branding are landing in front of the eyes and ears the right customers.

While it may seem like a mere numbers game at first, markets are saturated with "noise" -- that is not only direct and in-direct competitors, but pretty much any form of content that can prize your potential customers attention away for precious seconds.

A savvy Digital Marketer knows how to craft unique strategies that help their companies set and execute goals. They know which tactics to use to get there: from crafting amazing content to getting that content in front of the eyes of as many relevant potential (and existing) leads as possible. They also know how to find out what competitors are doing, whether its whats working or what's...not.

Digital Marketers wear "Digital Toolbelts"... There will be thousands of resources available at your disposal, but it will be your job to know which ones to use, when, and how.

What is a Growth Hacker?

Growth Hacking is a relatively new term that generally applies to creative marketers who are able to make a big impact in small data driven teams.

Growth Hackers take a “scientific approach” to problem solving; they start with a hypothesis, run controlled marketing tests, and analyze the results.

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Teacher / Speaker

Xavier Schillinger
Xavier specializes in online traffic acquisition and online performance. He is now the CMO at Clickful, a HK startup that specializes in Online Advertising for Small Businesses. Xavier graduated from ESG School, Paris in Digital Marketing and has also studied Entrepreneurship at UCLA. Prior to Clickful, Xavier was the Campaign Manager at Awlogy, a media tech company in San Diego.

Give us 6 weeks to teach you the most important growth hacking skills

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