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7-step screening framework to vet top 5% of untapped talent
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1,000+ hour of peer-to-peer learning (no lectures) across 50+ projects
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Maximize hiring ROI in days, not months with pre-screened talent
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Vet the Best Untapped Technologists

Coding Challenges

Self-Study Materials

3-Stage Debugging Interviews

Personality Tests


1,000+ Hours Imparting Autonomous Job-Ready Skillsets

2 Day Sprints (25+)

Solo Projects (25+)

Code Review (16+)

Project Week (3+)

16 Week Full-Stack Curriculum


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Angular JS
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap


  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • PostgreSQL

Coder Skills

  • Git
  • Command Line
  • Testing & Deployment


  • Algorithms
  • API Development
  • Design Principles


Match With the Right Grads in Days, Not Months

Student's Existing Skillsets

Our students come from diverse backgrounds with 0 -10 years of professional work experience ranging from marketing, finance and data analysis.
Coding Skills

Whether you are looking for a creative front-end engineer, mobile architect or a backend developer, we have them all.
Tech Electives

We encourage our students to complement their coding with one of our part-time elective courses in today's most valuable skillsets like Data Science, Machine Learning and UX.

Why On-Board Your Next Developer With Accelerate?

We take the time to understand how you define the ideal candidate and customise your on-boarding.

With the in-depth knowledge gained from 1,000+ hours, our data driven approach matches top teams with the right developers in a way that hours of traditional interviews can’t.

Benefits Include

Why Accelerate Grads Add to Your Bottom Line Faster

We take the time to understand how you define the ideal candidate and customise your on-boarding.

Ensuring that every Accelerate graduate has the following:

On-boarding Top Talent in Days, Not Months: How?

Provide your ideal candidates characteristics and traits, a job description an role specifics requirements.

i.e: Extrovert, Great Communicator, Sales Background etc.

We then use the attributes you want and match your business with specific candidates and help you narrow your scope for your on-site 2 day work trial .

Projects > Interviews

Traditional technical hiring processes harm both excellent candidates who don't interview well or lack formal credentials as well as companies trying to hire good programmers from a narrow pool.