The Accelerate Summer Bootcamp is designed to give students a taste of web development. The camp will cover the frontend development side of software engineering, including HTML, CSS, jQuery, and more. After the bootcamp, students should have a sound understanding and ability of developing their own website layouts and basic functions needed.



The basics web development and experience what it is like to be a programmer.


A portfolio-worthy project to take your first step into the world of tech.


Like-minded peers and build your own network in tech.

Coding: A Skill of the Future

Are you studying a subject in University that doesn't teach you how to code?

Set yourself up for the future and supplement your education with in-demand knowledge in coding.


Module 1: The Basics - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap

• Welcoming Notes, Course Tools Setup
• Introduction to HTML, CSS & JS: Functions, Conditionals & Loops
• Introduction to Bootstrap: Grid Systems, Common Widgets
• Structuring a Website with Bootstrap
• Individual Project: Your Portfolio

Module 2: Adding Onto Your Website - Objects & Arrays, Advanced JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX & DOM

• Introduction to JavaScript: How to Create Objects & Arrays in JavaScript
• Advanced JavaScript: Constructors & Prototypes, the "This" command, Use of Classes, the Oo Concept and Application
• AJAX & DOM: Introduction to AJAX & JSON, the Document Object Model, Use of DOM Events
• Introduction to JQuery: the Library & the Selector
• How to Manipulate DOM and Events with JQuery

Module 3: Making Your Website Pretty - Advanced JQuery & Canvas

• How to Call AJAX with JQuery, JQuery Helper Functions, JQuery Deferred
• How to Create Effects with JQuery
• JQuery vs JavaScript – When to Use Which?
• Individual Project Presentations
• Introduction to Canvas – Draw, Add Buttons, Capture Mouse Events
• Group Project Setup: Online Paint Using Canvas

Module 4: Closing In on Front-End Development - Cookies & Web Storage, Contentful

• Group Project Presentation
• Understanding Cookies & Web Storage
• Introduction to Contentful – How to Create Dynamic Contents with Contentful

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Our Methodology


Our model enables high quality education at a very competitive and accessible price, allowing for a wide range of students to learn in-demand skills in a motivational environment.

Curated Curriculum

Our instructors have meticulously curated our curriculum to fit the needs of all types of learners while staying relevant to the most in-demand data science and machine learning skills of our day.


Learning in a practical environment  will help your transition to realtime work environments that our course prepares you for.


Keeping a focused mindset is much easier when you enter a classroom each day with like-minded individuals who want to enhance their skills, just like you.


It's always good to have an expert on standby. Our instructors are always nearby to make sure you understand everything you are doing.

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Course Details

9AM to 6PM, Monday to Friday
3rd of July 2018

Course Syllabus